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Waste to Profits: Converting Bakken Flare Gas into Liquid Fuel

In the vast shale play of the Bakken formation, based mainly in North Dakota, the high price of oil and the glut of natural gas have made the former far more financially rewarding. Additionally, oil can be stored easily while … Continue reading

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Seawater Greenhouse – “Seawater is evaporated at the front of the greenhouse to create cool humid conditions inside. A proportion of the evaporated seawater is then condensed as fresh water that can be used to irrigate the crops. Excess freshwater … Continue reading

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Shale Gas and Oil: A Gamechanger

Niobrara: A recently discovered shale oil play in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. H/t Al Fin Energy. Liquid natural gas export terminal in Louisiana is being converted into an export terminal. North Dakota oil production exceeds 450,000 bbl/day. Shale gas … Continue reading

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