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Robots for Precision Agriculture – A Solution in Search of a Problem

Brian Wang of Next Big Future blog posted links and a video about robot agriculture. Current advanced tractors posses a surprising amount of automation. The difference between current robotics in agriculture and what is being advocated here is the suggestion … Continue reading

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Progress in Stem Cell Therapies

In the past, the use of stem cells for various medical treatments was clearly over hyped. When the stem cell issue became conflated with the abortion issue, the rhetoric about the miracles of stem cell therapies went over the top. … Continue reading

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Economics:Physics::Work:Productive Economic Activity

On this blog I have commented extensively about the broken window fallacy and Bastiat’s wonderful essay that was the origin of the phrase. I have also noted that the broken window fallacy is more properly called the principle of opportunity … Continue reading

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Progress in Repairing Spinal Chord Injuries

Brian Wang at Next Big Future posted links to articles about overcoming spinal chord injuries using applied electrical impulses. It appears that silent nerve contacts that were undamaged in the original injury are being turned on and/or new ones are … Continue reading

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Code::Blocks – A C++ IDE

I have been using an old version of Visual C++ for years. As my old pc started to slow down and exhibit signs of giving up the ghost, I bought a laptop and installed the same old version of VC++. … Continue reading

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Open Cures – Biotechnology Bypassing the FDA

From the Open Cures website, here is their mission statement: “Open Cures is a volunteer initiative, open to everyone willing to help, that aims to speed the advent of biotechnologies that can slow down or repair aspects of the biological … Continue reading

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There have been a number of interesting articles published over the past few days. Instead of tweeting each one, I decided to collect them in this blog post. How Roosevelt’s Farm Policy Paved the Way for Obamacare – James Bovard … Continue reading

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