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Libertarian Fiction Update

I added a new novel, Wyst: Alastor 1716 by Jack Vance, to the Libertarian Fiction page. Advertisements

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New Page: Libertarian Fiction

I started a new page to highlight libertarian fiction. This page will be continuously updated.

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Police Conduct Now and Then

I am reading “A Thief in the Night“, a Dr. Thorndyke mystery novel written by Richard Freeman. There was an exchange between one of the characters and a police officer that struck me as an example of how different the … Continue reading

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Professor Craig Kennedy Mysteries

Craig Kennedy was a fictional professor of chemistry and amateur detective created by Arthur Reeve in 1910. Kennedy was known for using the latest scientific and technological advances to solve baffling mysteries set in New York City. He also had … Continue reading

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Dr. Thorndyke Mysteries

Dr. John Thorndyke is the hero of a series of mystery novels and short stories written by Richard Austin Freeman from 1907 to 1942. Dr. Thorndyke is also a lawyer and combines all of his talents to solve various crimes … Continue reading

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Free Books: Projects Gutenberg

I used the term “projects” to indicate the existence of project Gutenberg in various countries. The difference is in the different copyright laws, thus resulting in books that are in the public domain in Australia but still under copyright in … Continue reading

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Spring/Summer Reading

I thought that a good way to introduce myself and my various interests would be to list the books I have read this spring and summer. The hyperlinks are either to a free version or an listing. (F) indicates … Continue reading

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