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Back Online

Due the peripheral effects of hurricane Sandy, I lost power at my home for about a full day from Monday evening until Tuesday. I also lost cable internet service which was not restored until this afternoon. Thus, I have been … Continue reading

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Displaying Latex on does have native support for latex. However, as you can see from my older posts that involve mathematical symbols, the alignment is not pretty. Unfortunately, unlike and blogger, does not support MathJax. Thus, a work around is … Continue reading

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How to Disable OpenOffice 3.4 Auto-Start Upon Windows 7 Boot Up

For some reason, the creators of the most recent version of OpenOffice, version 3.4, decided to have OpenOffice start automatically upon boot up on Windows 7. Why anyone would add this as the default for a piece of software is … Continue reading

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How to Download Web Pages into Kindle or EPUB Format

DotEPUB is a website that allows the user to download web pages into Kindle or EPUB format. To do this in Firefox, first determine if you want to allow images and links and what format you wish to use. These … Continue reading

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Deals on Consumer Electronics

LogicBUY and TechBargains I used the latter to obtain a good deal on a Dell Inspiron laptop this summer.

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The higher education bubble in pictures

H/t Instapundit From: The Best Colleges

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Castles is a site with wonderful photos of castles from around the world. Here is a sample.

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