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Links: 20121106

  The Sad History of U.S. Peace Negotiations – “Negotiating for peace to prevent war is not the forte of U.S. governments” Government Targets the (Pet) Breeders – “We are in a deep economic stagnation, yet the government is killing … Continue reading

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Links: 20121023

Who Is Plotting to Steal Your Pension? – “A huge pool of money lies just beyond the grasp of government’s itching fingers: private pension funds. Various money-grab schemes have been floated, including a legal requirement that all private pension funds … Continue reading

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Links: 20121016

We are on the road to serfdom – Herr Schlichter warns that economic conditions in the US and Europe will continue to deteriorate. “So here is the future as I see it: Central banks are now committed to printing unlimited … Continue reading

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Links: 20121009

From Currency Debasement To Social Collapse: 4 Case Studies – A very interesting article about the social consequences of inflation. War, Peace, and the State – One of Rothbard’s greatest essays on the libertarian view of war. The Nockian Society … Continue reading

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Links: 20121002

Does the Fed Really Control Interest Rates? – “The Federal Reserve does not have full control over interest rates, they only have influence, that influence changes over time.” The U.S. Needs More i-Side Economics – “The misallocation of capital is … Continue reading

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Links: 20120927

The Production Structure – An excellent summary of Austrian capital theory. The fallacy of nominal GDP targeting – “Here is the prime fallacy behind the nominal GDP target and, in fact, all of Münchaus’ argument: It tacitly assumes that money … Continue reading

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Links: 20120920

Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say – Progress in warp drive technology. H/t Next Big Future North Dakota hits another oil production record with 674,066 bpd in July – I shudder to think of what the … Continue reading

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