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Another Libertarian Escapes from the United States

Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute announced in an interview that he and his wife are expatriating to Mexico. “… the United States is now a police state and becomes almost daily a more dreadful and intolerable police state. Even … Continue reading

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World Wide Currency Debasement: The United States is Not the Sole Culprit

Simon Black of Sovereign Man is a perceptive commentator on contemporary events world wide. Indeed, Black’s writings have been one of the more important influences upon my decision to get the ball rolling on expatriating from the US. In stark … Continue reading

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An Anarcho-Capitalist Expat Community

Jeff Berwick at The Dollar Vigilante asked the following question: “TDV EXPAT COMMUNITY We’ve mentioned this a few times over the last few months but after my most recent trip to Cafayate and Doug’s Gultch it has become quite clear … Continue reading

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