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Euro Pacific Bank Silver Debit Card

I recently received notice from Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank about a new product launch: a 100% reserve silver bank account with an associated debit card. In a previous post, Business Idea: A Gold/Silver 100% Reserve Bank, I noted that … Continue reading

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  The Sad History of U.S. Peace Negotiations – “Negotiating for peace to prevent war is not the forte of U.S. governments” Government Targets the (Pet) Breeders – “We are in a deep economic stagnation, yet the government is killing … Continue reading

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Progress in Stem Cell Therapies

In the past, the use of stem cells for various medical treatments was clearly over hyped. When the stem cell issue became conflated with the abortion issue, the rhetoric about the miracles of stem cell therapies went over the top. … Continue reading

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