The Futility of Voting – Part 5

The Futility of Voting

The Futility of Voting – Part 2

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Thank goodness this coming Tuesday will soon be nothing more than a bad memory. Thus, this is the final installment, at least for this election cycle, of The Futility of Voting.

Robert Wenzel of wrote an excellent article about why you should not waste your time voting. He also raises some important points about the difference between law and legislation, a point emphasized by Hayek in his 3 volume work Law, Legislation, and Liberty. ‘… voting implies constant change toward more and more laws that will benefit only the few. For voters are voting in congressmen to be “lawmakers”. This implies change in laws. And voting for a president means electing someone who will read and execute laws anyway he sees fit, to meet his agenda. The founding fathers made a great mistake creating a base of governing people who can change laws and a president who can run rampant supposedly executing these laws.

Jeff Tucker of Laissez-Faire Books reminds us that we have no idea what elected officials will do upon gaining office. “For months on end, I’ve heard people tell me what Romney or Obama is likely to do if elected, and, therefore, why, in the scheme of things, it would be better if one or the other were elected.

And how do people know what either is going to do once in office? Their suppositions are based on an assembly of passing data: what they have said on the campaign trail, their intellectual and personal background, what the party platform says, who their biggest financial backers are, what kind of people are voting for them, and so on.

On Tuesday, don’t forget to go about your daily business as usual. DON’T VOTE !

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