Spanish Fraudsterity

We continue to hear much nonsense about so called austerity measures by the Spanish government. As expected, this is nothing more than a meaningless word mouthed by the brain dead mainstream media. Heaven forbid that they actually take a look at numbers such as the number of government employees and report that there is no austerity. Fortunately, the internet has opened up entry into the media to anyone such that we have bloggers like Mike Shedlock to report what is really happening. In a post titled “Spain Still Has 60,000 More Public Employees Than in 2007“, Shedlock translated an article from a Spanish free market publication that clearly shows the fraud that is austerity in Spain. Take a look at this graph of the number of public employees from 2001 to present:

While there is currently a downtrend, the number of public employees is still above the pre-crisis level. We will know when Spain is serious about getting its budgetary house in order by keeping an eye on the rate of job cuts in the public sector.

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