Young, Hopeless Europeans Flock to Former Colonies

This post title is the title of an article published on today. Young Spaniards are fleeing to Latin America, Portuguese are fleeing to Brazil, Indonesia, and Angola, etc. This trend has been happening for a few years and is accelerating as the PIIGS spiral down the drain. When I saw the trend occurring, I thought of a couple of interesting business ideas.

First, was an internet job site for each of the destination nations. While there are jobs to be found, they require the seeker to travel to the country and start looking around. In other words, boots on the ground. Even if these nations have the equivalent of something like, many medium and small business will rely on local newspapers, signs in the window, and word of mouth. I envisioned employing people to travel to the nations listed above, find open jobs, and list them on a web site. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by other life issues, and never followed up on the idea. It may still be viable, so someone reading this article may be able to make this happen.

The second idea I had was a concierge service to assist immigrants. I never put much thought into this, but again, it may still be a viable idea.

The article referred to in the post title may be read here.

H/t Schiff Radio

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