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Young, Hopeless Europeans Flock to Former Colonies

This post title is the title of an article published on CNBC.com today. Young Spaniards are fleeing to Latin America, Portuguese are fleeing to Brazil, Indonesia, and Angola, etc. This trend has been happening for a few years and is … Continue reading

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Doug Casey on the Election of 2012

Doug Casey of Casey Research had another interesting discussion with Louis James. As the blog post title suggests, they did speak about the upcoming presidential election and of course recommended not voting. However, Casey also reiterated his thoughts about the … Continue reading

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Inflation and Unemployment

One of the more exasperating aspects of mainstream economics is how it justifies using inflation to combat unemployment. Before getting into this, let us examine the curious modern phenomenon of mass unemployment. Since human wants are insatiable, the demand for … Continue reading

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Back Online

Due the peripheral effects of hurricane Sandy, I lost power at my home for about a full day from Monday evening until Tuesday. I also lost cable internet service which was not restored until this afternoon. Thus, I have been … Continue reading

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