An Example of What is Wrong With the US

I have been actively attempting to ignore all information regarding hurricane Sandy. As a resident of a Middle Atlantic state, some part of the storm will affect me, but I live too far inland for the hurricane to be any more than a severe storm. As such, there is no reason for panic. There will be downed trees, maybe power outages, and some flooding in low laying areas. Essentially, the same as with any other big storm. All of the hype in my local area is just nonsense at best or maybe it has a more sinister connotation.

Yesterday, I was flipping back and forth between the Kansas State-Texas Tech and Florida-Georgia games. All of a sudden, the games were interrupted by a press conference by our local chief executive due to the impending hurricane. Outraged, I quickly tried to find other games and thank goodness I discovered that only games on network tv were showing the press conference. Interestingly, FOX carried the K-State game and stayed with the press conference longer than the other networks.

There are a few issues regarding this incident that are truly alarming and highlight some disturbing aspects of life in the US. First, when did we become so afraid of weather? For those who live in hurricane prone areas, such as large parts of Florida, they know what to do to stay out of danger. For those so far inland that the effect of the outer edges of the hurricane will be nothing more than a severe storm, again, they know what to do. Are people panicking or is this just another example of politicians taking advantage of a given situation to advance the influence of the state?

Second, since the state annexed control of the airwaves, there is a mandated emergency broadcasting system which allows the state to interrupt any network tv broadcast to display a message. This was what has traditionally been done in my area when a severe storm was approaching. Why do we need a full press conference?

The local chief executive declared a state of emergency in my city yesterday. Why? The forecast does not predict effects from the storm to hit until late Monday. Additionally, why not an advisory? I don’t know what powers the local government possess under a state of emergency, but, knowing the current police state mentality that plagues the US, I assume that the government can do anything it desires. This is nothing more than a power grab by the state. There is no rational reason why a weather event requires that even more power be transferred from society to the state. The fact that in the modern day US the sheeple accept such a naked power grab, especially after the fiasco and abuses of the state’s response to hurricane Katrina, is an ominous sign.

This is just one more reason to advance my plans to expatriate. I feel that conditions in the US are becoming more dangerous by the moment. The ever expanding police state has become a constant menace to everyone such that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble. With current conditions in such a state, what will happen if there is another significant economic downturn or a blow back terrorist attack? I don’t know, but if such an event were to happen I would like to observe the outcome while safely overseas.

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