How the Standard American Diet has Changed Over the Decades

Tom Naughton of Fat Head blog recently published an interesting article titled “Your Grandma’s Cookbooks“. Here is a quote from a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook about daily recommended eating:

  • Leafy green and yellow vegetables:  one or more servings per day.
  • Eggs:  preferably one each day, at least four per week.
  • Milk and cheese:  Children through teens, 3 ½ cups to one quart of milk.  Adults, 2 ½ to 3 cups.  (There are conversions listed for cheese.)
  • Potatoes and other vegetables: two servings per day.
  • Citrus fruits:  one per day.
  • Meat, poultry, fish:  one serving every day.  Include liver, heart and other organ meats.
  • Breads, cereals:  some each day.
  • Dry beans and peas, nuts:  one or more servings per week.

Aside from recommending grains, legumes, and dairy, this is essentially a paleo diet. Notice that there is no mention of desert and that milk is the recommended beverage (better than fruit juice but I am suspicious of casein).

As a nation, due to the inability of people to think for themselves and the collectivization of medicine, we are still paying the price for allowing the self appointed “experts” to turn the traditional food pyramid upside down.

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