The Futility of Voting – Part 2

In an earlier post about the futility of voting, I noted that politicians rarely have reason to meet campaign promises, thus it is impossible for voters to make informed decisions. Here, I want to reinforce an ugly truth about contemporary regulatory states: the unelected bureaucracy runs the show.

The inspiration for this post came from reading another classic article written by Jeffrey Tucker of Laissez-Faire Books. Tucker specializes in highlighting the application of insights from Austrian economics to everyday life. He has written many articles about how the regulatory state, via unelected bureaucrats, makes our lives miserable by intervening in the market to prevent us from satisfying our needs and desires. Many of Tucker’s best articles focus on the crippling of labor saving devices by regulation. His latest article “Regulators Destroying Your Home Appliances” continues in this vein by highlighting upcoming regulations that will severely hamper the operation of dishwashers and washing machines. Tucker notes: “The latest blow to the dishwasher means its near or final death. It will look like the old-fashioned kind. It will take up space in your kitchen. It will have lots of lights and look pretty. But it won’t do a damn thing to actually clean your dishes.” Also, “Washing machine will become “Washington machines,” useless and heavy steel squares that are more expensive than their predecessor that actually washed clothes.”

The question that comes to mind is how does this happen? Tucker provides the answer, “The material discussed in this article will matter far more to the quality of your life in the future than the outcome of the president election. And yet we can know with nearly perfect certainty that no candidate will be asked about these issues. They know nothing about it. Neither do the moderators of the debates. It all takes place beneath the surface of American politics within the belly of the bureaucratic monster that actually runs the country and over which elected politicians exercise virtually no control whatsoever.” Thus, he exposes the great lie of modern democratic republics, the enormous power of a perpetual, unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy that has more influence on the day-to-day lives of citizens than elected officials.

Once again, we see the futility of voting.

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