Displaying Latex on WordPress.com

WordPress.com does have native support for latex. However, as you can see from my older posts that involve mathematical symbols, the alignment is not pretty. Unfortunately, unlike wordpress.org and blogger, wordpress.com does not support MathJax. Thus, a work around is required. Here are some suggestions.

  1. LaTeX to WordPress – This is a downloadable python program that converts latex into htlm that can be added directly to wordpress.com. Note that on my windows 7 machine, I was only able to use this program with python 2.7.3. It did not work with python 3.2.3.
  2. The second option is to write the entire post in latex, convert to a pdf file, upload the file to scribd, then click a link that copies a wordpress.com command to get the file from scribd and embed it in the blog post. Instructions for this can be found here.

Of these two options, I prefer the scribd approach. It allows one to use all of the features of latex directly as would be done for any document. Use of scribd is free and the procedure for embedding a scribd file into a blog post is simple. Additionally, readers have the option of downloading the scribd file.

My first use of this approach was for Proof of the Week for 20120903. It is clearly easier to read than my other posts involving latex.

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