Do You Hate the State? – Yes. With a Burning Passion

As part of Robert Wenzel’s 30 day reading list to help newbies get up to speed on libertarianism, the von Mises Institute has republished some outstanding articles. The title of this post is from an article written by Murray Rothbard. In many ways, this type of article was what sets Rothbard apart from miserable academics. For Rothbard, his virtual founding of anarcho-capitalism was not just a product of painstaking reading and thinking, it was also a life calling. In other words, after an intellectual path to anarcho-capitalism, Rothbard, in this article, informs us that this path led to a revelation, an intense hatred for all that the state represents.

I smiled when I read the title of Rothbard’s article, and the smile only intensified as I read the article. I could immediately identify with hating the state. Indeed, the very concept of government should be noxious to anyone who considers themselves better than a head of a cattle. When one considers that the state daily commits acts that are universally considered immoral, it is truly astonishing that such an institution not only survives and thrives, but for all too many people represents the earthly incarnation of the divine. Rather than worship, the state is only worthy of our profound contempt.

If you too hate the state, I highly encourage you to read Rothbard’s wonderful article.

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