Business Idea: Medship = Medical Tourism + Blueseed – An Additional Note

An enormous additional benefit of the Medship idea that I neglected to mention is the availability of “unapproved” and experimental medicines, devices, and therapies. In the US, the FDA is responsible for an knowable number of deaths each year due to it ability to keep drugs and devices off of the market. There are drugs that have been approved by government bureaucracies in other nations for years that are unavailable in the US. There are promising yet experimental drugs and treatments for terminal diseases that are available in other nations but not the US. The Medship idea bypasses the FDA and its equivalent bureaucracies in other nations. People would have greater freedom to choose the type of medical care that they deem appropriate for them without the interference of governments.

Another point to consider is how this would spur medical innovation. By freeing up researchers from burdensome rules and regulations, one should expect a spurt in creativity. Essentially, all of the wonders of the free market would be unleashed in the field of medicine. This is vitally important in the relatively new field of anti aging or longevity research. The author of the blog Fight Aging! has stressed this point repeatedly.

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