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Foundations of Real NumbersProf. Joyce of Clark University has provided a modern treatment of Richard Dedekind‘s landmark paper “Was sind und was sollen die Zahlen?” (What are Numbers and What Should They Be?)

Ancient Greek Cities

Ancient Greek Battles

Artificial Immune Systems -“Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) is a diverse area of research that attempts to bridge the divide between immunology and engineering and are developed through the application of techniques such as mathematical and computational modeling of immunology, abstraction from those models into algorithm (and system) design and implementation in the context of engineering. AIS has become known as an area of computer science and engineering that uses immune system metaphors for the creation of novel solutions to problems. Whilst this forms the majority view, AIS is now much wider and is not confined to the development of new algorithms. In a recent paper, immunologist Irun Cohen defines three types of AIS scientists. The first are those of the literal school that build systems in silico to try and do what the actual immune system does (e.g. build computer security systems that discriminate between self and non-self); those of the metaphorical school that look for inspiration from the immune system and build computational systems with the immune system in mind (so the application may be far from analogous to what the immune system does) and a third school of people who aim to understand immunity through the development of computer and mathematical models. AIS is moving into an area of true interdisciplinarity and one of genuine interaction between immunology, mathematics and engineering.”

Suda online -“The Suda is a massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, derived from the scholia to critical editions of canonical works and from compilations by yet earlier authors. The purpose of the Suda On Line is to open up this stronghold of information by means of a freely accessible, keyword-searchable, XML-encoded database with translations, annotations, bibliography, and automatically generated links to a number of other important electronic resources.”

Mathematics of movie special effects

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