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ProofWiki – Welcome to ProofWiki.org! ProofWiki is an online compendium of mathematical proofs! Our goal is the collection, collaboration and classification of mathematical proofs. If you are interested in helping create an online resource for math proofs feel free to create an account and contribute!

The credit card that may stop, or at least hinder, on- and offline fraud – How much do you worry about your credit card information falling into the wrong hands, either due to online security breaches or a lost or stolen card? Dynamics Inc. is a company that claims to have the solution: a credit card that generates a one-time use code every time it is used, both for online and physical transactions.

Government Is No Friend of the Poor – You’ve heard it all too many times to count, I suspect. Apologists for big government—the New York Times’s Paul Krugman and Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson being good recent examples—are convinced there’s just no good alternative to government social services. Without the government, people will go hungry. They’ll die in the streets. We’ll lapse back into an era of mass poverty. So anyone who questions the need for the State’s antipoverty efforts is heartless, clueless, or both.

I’m not convinced.

Why California sucks – California lost about five and a half companies a week to other states in 2011, as the mass migration to avoid California’s hostile business environment grew. You would think a governor who is hungry for tax revenue — and California has one of the highest corporate tax rates in America — would do something to slow the tide, but Jerry Brown’s new budget proposal tells another story.

Harmony House Foods – Dehydrated and freeze dried fruit and vegetables.

Kickstarter – The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

Travelfish.org – Backpacking travel guide for SE Asia.

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